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Air fuel surcharge adjustment

According to the international market fuel and the changes of the market situation, the decision from September 23, 2009 is adjusted from Chinese Mainland origin to IAIA District, district two and South Korea's international cargo fuel surcharge, mainland China and other regions of the same charges. Specific standards are as follows:

  • the originating station to station charges
  • Chinese mainland IATA district two district, 10 yuan/kilogram
  • Chinese mainland IATA three area of southwest Pacific time zone 8.50 yuan/ kg
  • hinese mainland IATA zone three (southwest Pacific time zone, Japan, China Taiwan except) 4.50 yuan/kg
  • Chinese mainland Japan, Chinese Taiwan 3.50 yuan/kg

The new customs supervision of vehicles

Air China Security surcharge adjustment

Air China to February 15th begins to adjust security surcharge: Hongkong, Taiwan, Macao 0.8/ kg, other points of security surcharge are: 1.20/kg

My driver field warehouse was promoted to grade two customs warehouse

Division I Chongqing Jiangbei Airport now has a large domestic distribution warehouses, covers an area of 3600 square meters, warehouse ground after dust-proof, anti-static, 24 hours of hassle free camera monitoring, equipped with a variety of tools.

Kam Air with excellent facilities and equipment, professional technology, dedicated spirit and high quality service to win the unanimous praise from the industry. Is approved by the Chongqing customs, I the driver field warehouse was promoted to grade two customs warehouse.

Can provide the following services: cargo warehousing; classification; partition sorting, packaging, measurement, combined packing; change of packing; assembling; coil winding; loading and unloading; import and statistics management; 24 hours of goods import and library services. Have demand please contact.

TNT South Africa, Czech, Brazil customs regulations

In 1, the customs invoice - only accept English version of the commercial invoice, invoice will not accept.

In 2, the invoice of goods of ambiguous descriptions such as"parts", "samples", "gift", parts, model number, the South African Customs are not acceptable.

In 3, the customs to ban does not accept handwritten invoices; requirements issued by the original commercial invoice and the invoice; as stated on the prices of goods should be open market price; can only be printed invoice invoice.

In 4, the punishment of declared value is too low, the sample do not cut, less than the total bill declare the value of the goods, the actual number and invoice showing the quantity discrepancy condition, the South African Customs will be punished.

In 5, according to the articles of value -- the commercial value for customs declaration, the customs shall not accept the reference value; customs import samples discounts allowed but must be separately indicated in the commercial invoice.

In 6, the sample - sample must be cut or a sample of words; for example the shoe sole samples in drill hole of 10 mm in a sample, such as according to the regulations, will be at least $80 penalty; customs will not allow the sample arrived in South Africa, Czech, Brazil and then cut a mouth. If the sample reported values too low, also will be at least $250.

If not in accordance with South Africa, Czech, Brazil customs regulations lead to cargo clearance delays, South Africa, Czech, Brazil does not bear any responsibility.

Dangerous goods air transport in China can be traced back to the nineteen fifties

Dangerous goods air transport in China can be traced back to the nineteen fifties. At that time, air transport of dangerous goods mainly pesticides and very small amounts of radioactive isotope. At the time of the Civil Aviation Administration of China therefore has made" dangerous goods carriage of Interim Provisions" and" rules" for transport of radioactive material. In the early 60, Chinese civil aviaton the only navigable Soviet, Burma, Vietnam, Mongolia and North Korea and other neighboring countries. International and domestic cargo transport quantity have very limited. After 1961, in order to ensure air transport security, according to the instructions, regulations of civil aviation passenger and cargo flights are not carrying dangerous goods chemicals and radioactive isotope. But after more than 10 years as China's foreign exchanges have become increasingly active, the continuous development of foreign trade, PIA (PIA), Air France (AIR FRANCE) in succession China sailing. Chinese civil aviaton also opened Beijing - Moscow, Beijing - Shanghai - Osaka - Tokyo, Beijing - Karachi - Paris and Beijing - Tehran - Bucharest - Tirana international routes, imports of chemical dangerous goods air freight demand continues to grow. On domestic routes are not carrying dangerous goods, but more and more chemical industrial products into people's lives, the civil aviation transportation departments have to face how to determine the shipper consignments goods whether to belong to dangerous goods, whether can transportation problem. The carrier arrived in China and foreign goods is also often contain dangerous substances, and the final destination is usually the destination station other than the city. How to put these dangerous goods transport to their final destination? First social demand soars prompted the government to lift the ban.

Beijing sunshine real Beijing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows blower lifts hydraulic lifts hydraulic lifting platform lifting platform in 1974 April, is approved by the Chinese government, China civil aviation international routes and domestic sector of transport of dangerous goods, are a reference to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) uniform provisions for the carrier. In 1976 January, and resumed carrying radioactive isotopes, and the preparation of the "air transport radioisotope rules". In 1979 September, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the "Regulations" on chemicals transport, chemical air made more complete regulations. (excerpt from "Chinese civil aviation")

It is with these" are a reference to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) uniform provisions concerning the carrier", which makes the future 28 years in China air transport of dangerous goods has undergone some minor accident (incident), but also basically ensure transport safety and flight safety. This is because" the International Air Transport Association (IATA) unified regulation" is based on the international new chemical products and high-tech products emerge in an endless stream and air transportation industry annual incidence of new cases continue to revise and improve the. Guide us to the transport of dangerous goods operation is the International Air Transport Association publication called" RESTRICTED ARTICLES REGULATIONS" (RAR) law journals. Later a specialized agency of the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) member countries signed the" Chicago Convention" annex eighteen, published the" safety of dangerous article aviation transportation technical guidelines" (Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air TI). International boat assist its RAR changed its name to" DANGEROUS GOODS REGULATIONS" DGR, its basic content and the International Civil Aviation Organization of the TI agreement. Over the years, we are in accordance with the unified regulations for the transport of dangerous goods. Of course, made dozens of years safe transport of the outcome, is inseparable from generation to generation, refine on cargo be strict in one's demands, without aliasing to comply with the rules of scientific spirit.

Service demand pick up DHL Asian airline capacity expansion

Due to demand to crisis levels, DHL in Asia aviation carrying capacity is also increasing.

DHL said recently, the company has through strengthening in the Middle East and Africa's cargo operations and the expansion of air passage way to expand its international air transport network. Other steps include: increased reserve positions; and commercial passenger and cargo airlines signed a special part of a charter agreement.

DHL also said, because of the international most air transport operations or from Asia, so the region to lead the global airline industry recovery. Among them, China will be the key growth drivers.

Trade within Asia expects its annual compound growth rate will reach 6.2%, and the results will be entirely attributed to the Chinese consumption increase and the Asian countries and China's trade volume increase. Similarly, in North America, Western Europe and China between air freight volume is expected in 2010 to 2019 years will maintain respectively 8% and 6.8% compound annual growth rate. Outside China, at the same time other North American, Western Europe and other countries in Asia aviation freight volume is expected to reach 5.4% and 5.2% compound annual growth rate.

According to the IATA (International Air Transport Association) report, compared with the past 12 months of FTKs (freight ton-km ), found in the global air traffic growth of 28.3%, of which 60% of the growth in business volume by the Asia Pacific Airlines contribution.

Freight forwarders this type of ship with regular transport services

Freight agent must know the ship the following characteristics: 1. The ship registration and ship tonnage. Each ship should have a nationality, should be in a national registry, and the right to fly the national flag. The gross register tons (GRT ). Gross register tonnage is deducted from the gross register tons machine occupied space and crew living premises after the measured volume. The net register tons (NRT ). Net register tonnage is deducted from gross register tons machine occupied space and crew living premises after the measured volume. The bulk volume. It is a ship can loading all the space, including a hatch and for loading and unloading cargo and opening in the deck occupied volume. The packaging volume. It is to be used for the package of goods all the space in the cabin. The gross tonnage (DWT ). It is based on weight tons ship loading capacity. Loading capacity should be deducted from total deadweight tons of fuel, equipment, food and water weight. The load line. Load line mark is said not to endanger the safety of ship can load goods major limit. From the load line to the distance is known as freeboard deck. The classification. Classification of marine insurance is very important, because the ship delivery by high premiums than low class ships are less.

Freight forwarders should also be aware of the following common carriage of goods ship types: 1 traditional liner. This type of ship with regular transport services, usually carrying scattered or small quantities of goods. The use of the ship's jumbo or crane loading and unloading of cargo, in the ship carried out by human cargo stowage. The semi container ship or half pallet ship. This type of ships carrying bulk cargo and container or prior loaded pallets, according to * * vehicle stowage, also can be in an open tank or container is loaded on deck. The container ship. It is designed for loading containers and ships. It uses its own handling equipment or the use of the shore crane to load and unload containers. Container ships of different types can be divided into several" generations", with 600TEU ~ 1000TEU ship as the first generation of container ship; 1100TEU ~ 1800TEU loading ability of a ship called the second generation container ship; to load 2000TEU ~ 3000TEU third container ships. Achieve the third generation container ship is width can through the the Panama Canal Panama ship. In fourth generations and have more loading ability of a ship, its width is larger, not suitable for the Panama Canal.

Chongqing Jiangbei Airport expansion for the international aviation logistics strong wingsChongqing Jiangbei Airport expansion for the international aviation logistics strong wings

Chongqing is our country western exclusive municipality directly under the central government, is located in the more developed eastern regions and western regions with abundant resource junction, east of Hubei, Hunan, South Guizhou, west of Sichuan, north of Shaanxi, is the largest economic center of upper reaches of the Yangtse River, Southwest Industrial and commercial center and the hub of terraqueous empty traffic.

Chongqing municipal Party committee, municipal government" in the construction of Chongqing 's decision to open" in put forward clearly, want a Chongqing construction to become the country's most open city.

According to the" free Chongqing " requirement, Chongqing airport is presented, to create the " Asia's leading, world-class " large international commercial hub airports, the long-term planning to 2040, planning in two groups of 4 parallel runways, to meet the annual passenger throughput of 65000000 - 70000000 people use demand. In order to accomplish this mission are also presented in the" eleven five" period, is committed to the two center construction: one is in the west of China air transportation economy center; two is to build China western the biggest modern stereoscopic comprehensive transportation center, has the largest three-dimensional transit center and the function the strongest, most comprehensive way transportation network.

In the areas of Chongqing Airport Planning of the" three vertical and horizontal" 4 highways, and draw lessons from foreign railroad into the airport of successful operation mode, planning 3 rail access to the airport, which is a light rail line 3, light rail line 9, high-speed railway, and in the airport terminal building in front of the planning and construction of the railway, highway, rail, transportation as one of the three-dimensional integrated transfer hub.

At present, the Chongqing airport is stepping up the three phase of the expansion project construction. The new T2A terminal is put into use, the airport runway operation to realize double, terminal area will reach 180000 square meters, will meet the airport aircraft taking off and landing weight 260000 sorties, annual passenger throughput of 30000000 passengers and cargo throughput of 450000 tons of needs.

According to the plan, Chongqing Airport China Eastern Station construction will be in accordance with the" South - North goods" principle, to building 2 runway (up to 4 runway) and 800000 square meters of the terminal, to meet the annual passenger throughput of 70000000 passengers, cargo throughput of 2500000 tons to run. At the appointed time, railway, highway, railway and other transportation facilities into the airport, the passengers realize" zero distance transfer" goods", realize seamless transfer", water, land and air, iron in Chongqing airport seamless switching.

Air inquiry eight elements

  • 1 names (whether the dangerous goods ),
  • 2 weight (involving a charge ), size (size and whether cargo ),
  • 3 Pack (whether wooden box, with no tray)
  • 4 destination airport (whether essential points ),
  • 5 time required (straight or to fly ),
  • 6 requirements of flight (the flight service and price differences),
  • 7 bill of lading category (the main single and single )

The 8 required transport services (declarations, agency documents, whether the clearance delivery etc.)

Maritime shipping is an international logistics is the main mode of transport

Maritime shipping is an international logistics is the main mode of transport, it refers to the use of ships at sea through the channel in different countries and regions of the transportation of goods between the port mode. At present, the total international trade volume of 2 / 3 above, China's import and export freight volume of about 90% is the use of maritime transport.

Compared with other international cargo transport, marine transport mainly have the following characteristics:

  • (1) through capacity. Marine transport can use lead in all directions the natural channel, it does not train, automobile track and road limited.
  • (2) large volume. Marine transport ship carrying capacity, far greater than the railway transport vehicle and highway transport vehicle. If a 10000-ton ship loading weight, generally equal to 250 ~ 300 wagon loads.
  • (3) low freight rates. Shipping volume big, range far, assessed at each freight tons transportation costs less.

But there are also shortcomings of marine transportation. Such as vulnerable to climate and natural conditions, high risk, relatively slow speed of transportation. Therefore, for should not be subjected to long-term transport of goods as well as the urgent need and weather conditions affect the goods, generally unsuitable marine transportation.

Canada wood packaging requirements standardization

Please note that Canada has joined the North American plant protection organization, in the use of wood packaging materials sent to Canada shipments, ensure compliance with international plant quarantine standard (ISPM) on wood packaging import regulations.

The government of Canada on imported wood packaging implementation of coercive measures, once found any wood packaging shipment without accompanying statement, including Canada

Food hygiene inspection agency (CFIA) set by the daily necessities, the piece will be returned to the origin.

Import requirements

All imported into Canada wood packaging must be approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) test. Any solid wood packing is examined with harmful substances or without any treatment or have made a deal but failed to reach the required standard for import shipment, will be returned to the originating or local destruction. All inspection related costs or safe disposal costs will be made by the receiving party or a party.

Canada requires all imported wood packing the goods must be in wood packing material affixed by the International Plant Protection Association issued a label, in order to prove its wood packing material has been heat treated by fumigation with methyl bromide or. If not issued by the label, made of wood packaging goods must be accompanied by the certificate of fumigation.

The Asia-Pacific region is becoming the global airline industry

In 2011, the global air transport industry development direction is occurrent historic change, Asia has become the industry's" leading wild goose".

Europe and the United States market has always been the focus of the global air transport industry, especially in the North American market, -

In terms of passenger flow, profit and capital market performance and other aspects, to other areas beyond. But enter twenty-first Century, this pattern is being broken stage by stage.

First of all, the Asia-Pacific region traffic over North America, become the largest global air transport market. In 2009, the Asia-Pacific region passenger volume reached 662000000 people, first over the North america. IATA director Bisignani optimistic to expect, to 2014, global passenger traffic volume will achieve 3200000000 person-time, than it is now 2400000000 times increase 800000000 person-time, among them 360000000 people will come from the Asia-Pacific region.

Secondly, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to become the first global airline industry profitability first. In 2010, international boat assist continued to increase the global air transport industry profit is expected to increase in September, to $8900000000, to $15100000000 in December, the main reason is that the Asia-Pacific market pull. The International Air Transport Association chief economist Brian Pearce, in 2010, the global aviation industry, more than half of the profit from the Asia-Pacific region, high of $7700000000, largely due to the strong growth of Chinese market.

Development of Asia-Pacific region economy is strong, for the future of the international air transport industry development provided a powerful driving force, but due to soaring oil prices, the global economic slowdown, air excess capacity and other factors, the next international air transport industry profit growth is not optimistic expectations, at roughly $9100000000. The international air transport industry normal net profit rate should be 7% to 8%, in 2010 net profit rate is 2.7%. The expert thinks generally, substantially reduce costs is international aviation carriage industry out of the gain bottleneck of the feasible road.

Asia Pacific Aviation Industry in the growth momentum with respect to walk in the forefront of the world, but there is still a gap from the trade center. See an industry focus is transferred, not only the growth momentum, but also variable, stock index and the base size. As to the various measures, the international air transport industry voice still developed in Europe and the United States, the real market focus yet from the traditional markets of Europe and the US. Specifically, the international air transport industry focus is partially offset to the Asia-Pacific region.

When down to watch, airlines in the Asia-Pacific region should be more integrated into the international aviation industry, the rules of the game process, and bear the corresponding global management responsibility. International Airlines associate chairman of the words, the international aviation industry hopes to further listening from Asia, including China.

Shipping provisions of the 1976 amendment, not

The people's Insurance Company of China Ocean Marine Cargo Clauses all risks (hereinafter referred to as the terms) since 1981 years carried out since January 1st, 19 years. Recently in the Maritime Law Association forty-eighth newsletters and other publications as well as many expert's writings, including a large circulation, known as the textbook writings, see many of the clauses and the responsibility of the treatise, executive and judicial branches on the scope of responsibility has been identified. In the insurance knowledge is popularized, attention should be paid to in terms of the issues related to the formulation of the scientific and precise. As the 1981 amended team joined, personally think that some problems need further discussion, some may not be correct perception advise with expert scholar, welcome.

Provision of the 1976 amendment, not" old formulated in terms of the reference to foreign"

Beijing sunshine real Beijing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows blower lifts hydraulic lifts hydraulic lifting platform lifting platform China People's insurance after the founding of the company, in international marine cargo transportation insurance, used China Insurance Clause, also used British Insurance Institute clauses. January 1, 1963, the Chinese people's Insurance Company of terms, is a comprehensive reference of British Institute of Insurance Clause 12 basis, plus the inspection and the matters needing attention in two, a total of 14. Although the essence and the same terms, but it should be said that the people's Insurance Company of China since then have their own terms.

In April 1, 1972 1963, revised terms, formed a Chinese characteristics of the new terms. In danger

Don't set the abolition of FPA, WPA and all risks name, changed to TLO, basic insurance and comprehensive insurance, three terms into one, using the Chinese language habits, and foreign terms than content words, and greatly simplified, a total of 8. In the specific historical conditions, coupled with some political slogans, completely different from the UK and other countries the terms. As a result of this clause and the international commonly used terms vary greatly, often reflect the customers and international trade.

Abroad to reflect the main issues, one is too simplified terms, some issues are not clear; two is used with coverage unrelated political slogans; three are the responsibility scope than foreign.

Although the terms again in January 1, 1976 revision, but no change in the main content.

Customers reflect the strong about comprehensive insurance responsibility range than the foreign general terms of small. The terms of the insurance responsibility range is defined as "including the total risk and insurance liability, the company also to the insured goods in transit due to external causes of short, short, leakage, damaged, broken, hook damage, rain, rust, moisture, heat, mold, string taste contamination, total or partial loss is also responsible for compensation", and the international general all risks "all external causes" form a more obvious difference.

Eleven of the party 3 in after plenary meeting, in order to adapt to the new situation of reform and opening up, China People's insurance company decided to revise the 1976 articles. Unlike some article said, referring to the old provisions are formulated in terms of the.

Revision of the guiding ideology is to walk in front of the world

In 1980, the people's Insurance Company of China from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin deployed personnel set up a modifying group. The leader puts forward guiding ideology is: according to the Eleven 3 in plenary meeting spirit, have a foothold in the world, conscientiously sum up their experience, learn the advanced experience of foreign countries, with special attention to meets the third world of marine cargo transportation insurance requirements, responsibilities clear, concise language, extending as far as the responsibility, set out with Chinese characteristics terms, to walk in front of the world.

Modify group with reference to a large number of documents and data, are: China 1976 articles and other relevant units and branch companies reflect the views: United China World Trade Center and the group of 77 nations on the marine cargo insurance clause recommendations; Britain, Germany, the United States and other to collect articles, regulations, conventions, agreements and other. After a careful analysis of the data of the reference, learn from each other, modified into the current clause.

On the guiding ideology, the joint efforts by many experts, revised terms more successful. In terms of quickly gained international trade, shipping and the world peer praise. From the nearly 20 years practice, the terms are more successful.

Amend the terms, China's Insurance Law, maritime law has not yet been released. Therefore, should take the actual situation of no legislative support. Later, the relevant laws of China announced in succession, did not find the terms and law have contrary, reflected from another side of the terms of success.

Holland port area has a lot of warehousing and distribution facilities

According to Holland Customs Law, stored in the bonded warehouse import goods after entering the sales link previously can be exempt from duties, transaction tax or value added tax and other expenses. In Holland, warehousing customs warehousing and customs bonded warehouse warehouse.

  • 1. customs warehouse can be divided into short-term storage and long-term storage of two, short-term storage generally limited to a few months time, such storage without the declaration, with the customs documents will be able to handle storage procedures. Long term storage is generally not more than 5 years, from the warehouse operators to submit one application form can be for storage.
  • 2. bonded warehouse is supervised by customs, for storing unused tax taxable goods, storage of goods without Customs permission. Bonded warehouse is divided into three kinds: the public bonded warehouse, the warehouse by customs guarantee and supervision, the goods from examination, but for anyone providing position, inventory is not restricted. Amsterdam, Rotterdam Hong Kong with this kind of warehouse. The private bonded warehouse, the warehouse is supervised by customs, the goods from examination, but beer, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages except. Storage time is not restricted. The hypothesis of the bonded warehouse, warehouse operators to manage his, and bear the duty security, general store is easy to identify the goods, storage time of not more than 5 years.

China raised the export tax rebate rate to support exports

"China Daily" report, China since June 1st to reduce collection of more than 600 kinds of products of the value-added tax, further improve the export tax rebate rate of some commodities. This is since August last year, in response to the financial crisis on the export of the impact, China seventh times to raise the export tax rebate rate.

Shanghai negotiable securities macroscopic analyst Li Jianfeng said, in the past few months tax incentives has a role to play, labor-intensive products exports began to pick up, the overall trade decline gradually hasten delay.

According to the Ministry of Finance announced, this adjustment is divided into five grades, and relates to the agricultural deep processing, mechanical and electrical, shoes and hats, glass products, iron and steel products for different types of processing and manufacturing products, from June 1st after the adjustment of export tax rebate rate from 5% to 17%. Among them, TV transmitting equipment, sewing machines and other merchandise export tax rebate rate the highest, reaching 17%.

Former Chinese exports in April amounted to $337420000000, down 20.5%; imports of US $261990000000, down 28.7%.