UAE Door to Door Deliveries

International Door to Door Deliveris

Door to airport services

Import of parcel from more than 220 countries

Airport clearance services-Imports/Exports

SEA FREIGHT services imports/exports (Both -LCL & FCL)

Special rates for heavy shipments

By road to GCC -Door to Door

European route:

CPH FRA MUC in Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Munich, London, Moscow, LON. MOW, PAR Paris, STO Stockholm, VIE Vienna, ROM Rome, MAN Mannr

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City, Brussels, Bermingham, BRU BHX LGW London (London Gatwick), LIL Lille, LYS, MLH, NTE Lyon Mulhouse Nantes, Rennes, Paris RNS ORY

Orly Airport, MMA malma, BLL Billund, MXP Milan; Germany (except for FRA, MUC ), AMS BEG BSL Amsterdam, Belgrade, Basel,

BRS Bristol, BUD Budapest, BUH Bucharest, CWL Cardiff, EDI Edinburgh, EXT Exeter, LPL, LJU, LUX Lu Ljubljana Reds

Fort, horse, MRS GOT, OSL plug, Goteborg Oslo, Prague, Rotterdam, PRG RTM TLS WAW Warsaw, Lu Zi, ZRH, SXB, BOD Zurich Strasbourg

In Bordeaux, EMA EASTMIDLANDS, LBA Liz, GLA Glasgow, NCL Newcastle, SOU Nanan HEL Helsinki, Southampton; MME Teeside, SKP Scopus

ZAG PICOISLAND, Zagreb; ATH, MAD, RIX Madrid Athens with Will news, VNO, AOI, BRI, CTA Ancora Barry Catania, FLR Buddha

Luo Lunsa, DUB, NAP, PSA Dublin Naples pizza, Riga, Tallinn, RIX TLL, BFS Belfast, ORK Kirk, SNN Shannon, BLQ Boluoni River

Asia, Genoa, Turin, the GOA TRN VCE Venice, VRN LIS, OPO Oporto Verona; lisbon;

America line:

NYC New York, CHI Chicago, the west coast of Losangeles including: LAX, SFO, PDX, YVR San Francisco Portland Vancouver, DEN Denver DFW Dallas PHX.

Nicks SAN SEA SLC in San Diego Seattle Saline Lake city AUS Austen, ATL BOS BWI Baltimore CVG Cincinnati Boston Atlanta CLE Cleveland

CMH DAY DTW EWR Kolumb Dayton Detroit Newark IAD Washington IND Indianapolis SDF MKE MSP Louisville Milwaukee Minneapolis wave

PHL ALB ALBANYCOUNTYNTY AZO BDL in Philadelphia, Hartford BNA LEX MCI PIA FWA Nashville Lexington Kansas Fort Wayne

DSM GRR OMA SAT STL Sanantonio Des Moines Saint Louis IAH Houston, BUF CLT Sherlock ELP El Farrow Paso EVV Evans Sewell

GSP Greenville MIA Miami OKC Oklahoma river city RDU Rowley ROC of Rochester SGF Springfield SHV TOL TUL Shreve Potter Toledo tower

Tulsa CAK Akron ICT Wichita JKV MCO Orlando MDT MFE MGM Montgomerie SYR Scylla hill in YTO (YYZ) GSO Toronto Greensboro

MEM Memphis PIT Pittsburgh YMQ Montreal BRO Brownsville CRP Cobos Christie MSY of New Orleans PVD Providence SBN South Bend, CAE

Columbia CHS Charleston CHA Chattanooga MOB mobile TPA Tampa TYS Rock Sewell CID JAX Jacksonville LIT LRD MSN Little Rock

Madison ROA Roanoke SAV TUS LAS ORF Norfolk Savannah to Tucson, Las Vegas ABE a London BHM Ming Han HSV RIC Rees Huntsville

Full of

Central and South america:

GDL (Guadalajara, Mexico) GYE (Guayaquil, Ecuador) MEX (Mexico City, Mexico) BOG (Bogota, Columbia) UIO (Quito, Ecuador) CCS (Caracas, Venezuela) LIM (Lima, Peru) AGT (CIUDADDELESTEGARCIA Paraguay) IQQ (Iquique, Chile) RIO (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) GRU (SAO airport in St Paul, Brazil) VCP (St Paul, Brazil) POA (tree a In Georgia, Brazil) CWB (Curry bottom bar, Brazil, MAO (Manaus), Brazil (Asuncion, Paraguay) ASU) BUE (Buenos Aires, Argentina) MVD (Montevideo, Uruguay) SCL (Santiago, Chile) FLN (FLORIANOPOLISHLUZ, Brazil) JOI (JOINVILLECUBATAO, Brazil) NVT (NAVEGANTES, Brazil) CNF (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) (Vitoria, Brazil)

Asian routes:

HKG (Hongkong), TPE (Taipei), KHH (Kaohsiung), KIX (Osaka), NGO (Nagoya), NRT (Tokyo ), FUK (Fukuoka), SDJ (Sendai), SPK (Sapporo), ICN (Inchon), BKK (Bangkok ), HKT (P), BKI (not card Wu), HAN (Hanoi), SGN (Hu Zhiming city), JKT (Jakarta ), KUL (Kuala Lumpur ), DPS (Bali Island), SIN (Singapore), DAC (Dhaka), DEL (New Delhi), BOM (Mumbai), BLR (Bangalore), CMB (Colombo), MAA (Madras), CEB (Cebu), MNL (Manila ), PEN (Penang), PNH (gold Edge), KTM (Kathmandu), SUB (Surabaya), PUS (Busan)

Australia line:

AKL (Oakland), MEL (Melbourne), ADL (Adelaide ), BNE (Brisbane), CNS (Keynes), PER (Perth), SYD (Australia)

Africa line:

JNB (Johannesburg), CPT (Cape Town), DUR (Durban), PLZ (Elizabeth), ELS (East London), MRU (Mauritius), TNR (ANN tower that Lee The Buddha), RUN (Saint-Denis), BJL (Banjul), CKY (Conakry), DKR (Dakar), EBB (Entebbe), KGL (Kigali), FIH (Kinshasa), ABJ (Abidjan), CAI (open Luo ), KRT (Khartoum), LOS (Lagos), NBO (Nairobi), ADD (Addisababa)

The countries of the Middle East routes:

DXB (Dubai), BAH (Bahrain), RUH (Riyadh), KHI (Karachi), THR (Tehran ), LHE (Lahore), AUH (Abu Dhabi), AMM (Amman), BEY (Beirut), DOH (Doha), JED (Jeddah), KWI (Kuwait) MCT (Muscat), MHD (Mashhad), TLV (Tel Aviv).

Air import service

Can undertake the import service includes: pumping and single, customs declaration, inspection, change orders, packaging, delivery, designated storage cargo sorting, collection of freight, agents of the world to the Chinese each big airport air service. And imports of expedited cargo delivery, the entire board FCL cargo warehousing demolition plate service.

Air quality line

Air transport special transport services

1, Chemicals transport services transport services

Chemicals transport services transport services refers to all kinds of dangerous chemical products to provide transport services. Customers need to provide information in English: name, molecular structure, Chemical Research Institute of non dangerous certificate and other necessary documents report. Can provide the services: chemical booking, customs, transport

2, Valuables transport services include

Valuables transport services include: gold, platinum and other precious metal and its preparing products; all kinds of precious stones, jade, diamonds; precious relics ( including books, paintings, antiques ); cash, negotiable securities and weight per kg price value of over 2000 yuan and other items. Applications of solid, valuables tight packing box. The seams must have seals. Can provide the services: valuable goods booking, customs clearance, transport

3, Perishable goods transportation service

Perishable goods transportation services, shall provide the maximum transport time and transport matters needing attention, reserved tonnage, at the appointed time Jincang check. According to government regulations required for quarantine inspection and perishable articles, shall attach the relevant departments issued by the quarantine certificate. Packing should be suitable for the characteristics of perishable articles, not defaced aircraft and other goods. Can provide the services: perishable articles booking, customs clearance, transport.

The scope of services

Division I professional LCL and FCL service, including mainly by sea of the multimodal transport.

Cooperation express company

The TNT service

The EMS service

The DHL service

Domestic transport services

Air transport, motor transport, train and container transport, river transport, city delivery, supervision of the transport, container devanning etc.

Kam air storage

Division I Chongqing Jiangbei Airport now has a large domestic distribution warehouses, covers an area of 3600 square meters, warehouse ground after dust-proof, anti-static, 24 hours of hassle free camera monitoring, equipped with a variety of tools. Can provide the following services: cargo warehousing; classification; partition sorting, packaging, measurement, combined packing; change of packing; assembling; coil winding; loading and unloading; import and statistics management; 24 hours of goods import and library services.

Kam Air warehouse list

Warehouse Office


Warehouse monitor

Airport warehouse front gate

Warehouse equipment

International airfreight for dangerous goods

JH Trans. is the only licensed DG airfreight forwarder in Chongqing. We have also set up a team of talents who hold the DG operation certificate rewarded by Air China and Civil Aviation and attend training programs regularly in order to provide the professional services. We have experience in handing DG airfreight under class 1.45, 6.1, and 9 DG, which is supported by years of experience.

Bonded Warehouse

Customs truck service

Set up in 2009, as our new provided business service, we have the Customs bonded truck service between Chongqing to Chengdu special line.

The Chongqing to Chengdu is our main truck line. For gerat supports by the government, the Customs, and the airlines, we’ve been expanding the bonded trucks service (including the carload freight, carpooling).

We offer LTL service and can ensure punctual departure and arrival, low-cost but high-quality service, and efficient, safe, in-time delivery

Domestic delivery

With a team of professionals. Modern facilities. Advanced management systems and storage service. We are able to provider our customer an efficient, safety and reliable service

Truck fleets

Professional porters

Skillful truck drivers

Several fork lifts

Customs & CIQ declaration service

We owned the Customs broker. which located in airport and terminal. The declarants and Inspection declaration members who have rich experience can declarate more fast and exact.